Xaan in Ná (maya: house made of palms) is a rural house alocated at the Mayan Area of central Quintana Roo, MEXICO, at a small town on the road that connects the ancient city of Coba with Tulum ruins on the beach, serving as a petit jungle inn, now hosting an international art residency project. 

Built 2013 with specific interest into its functioning do not cause pollution to the famous underworld caracteristic of this area, later attracting a tourism economy which in paradox is destroying the resource. Into shapping a solution: traditional architecture was choice for it performs more eloquent, other arcaic solutions such as a marsh for irrigating surrounding crops which account for the residual water, a low density array which allows agriculture and inhouse composting for all of the organic waste.

The house has 3 private studios isolated by jungle gardens, exterior lounge areas and a community workshop, set around a kitchen that works on a clay stove and oven. At dawn the house candlelits for an unsurpased ambient, tranquil nights aclimated by frogs cicadas an sometimes distant cumbias. Dusk time mornings full of roosters. 

We extend hospitality services for dicerning travelers interested in visiting this unique house and surroundings on brief stays. The house can host for a group up to 11.  We extend food and drink service for guests or private dinners by reservation. Menu with vegetarian preference on prehispanic influence.

On rates an availability please write ahead to reserv@casaxaaninna.com





C A S A   X A A N   I N   N Á
R e s i d e n c i a s   y   T a l l e r e s   d e   A r t e