cultural residency



Casa Xaan In Ná sponsors a cultural residency program into supporting the individual production of art within its mission to link the community we are located to this cross-cultural process. Accounts on providing with living quarters, working space and healthy food into focus on self directed production of work through a period to choose from 2 weeks up to 3 months.


Our guests have access to their private living and working quarters. Bathroom facilities are outside room and to be shared among other invited guests. Cooked meals served on site, access to fresh well water, access to workshop, library and exterior lounge areas.  Electricity is limited to common areas supplied by solar system.



The project to develop is open and to be proposed by the interested artist, same as the dates for its completition. This program is an ongoing opportunity and any interested artist, creator or curator can apply. Implicit in the stay is the experience from a sustainable house and lifestyle and influence from mexican culture. 

The artist fee for the minimum 15day program is of $505usd.

One extra companion person is allowed at an extra $222usd 

This fee includes meals served on site. 

 The fee remains proportional for longer periods.

Transportation costs, materials and extra expenses remain responsibility of the guest visitor. 

Interested applicants please address intention email or any questions related to: for further details on this program. Please include name and links to previous work. Casa Xaaninna keeps the right to extend partial or total sponsorship to the program to any given applicant or grant a stay by direct invitation to person. There is no application fee for this program.


Expectation towards the artist is a final presentation of their work evolution while on the program to be documented.


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